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xero terraflex

Your feedback is important to us, your review about this product will be revised by our experts and will be published within 5 working days. Please make sure that your review focus on the product and your experience with it, this will help other customers make more confident decisions. The Xero Terraflex weighs around 272g which is lighter than the shoe looks. It’s not the lightest shoe out there but it’s light enough and I can see myself running lots of hills and long distances in them because of it. Having support, whether it be in the arch, heel or ankle means that you’re not working those muscles as you should be. Continued running with support will weaken these areas and you’ll never fix the root of any foot or leg injuries you may be getting.

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You’ll see double stitching in hard-wearing areas, and the exposed fabric is a tough multi-layered weave, so no worries of premature breakdown there. To further back up Xero Shoes’ confidence, the outsole has a 5000-mile guarantee.

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Six months later I can cruise over them no problem because my feet just don’t experience the same pain. As a trail running shoe, the TerraFlex is a durable, flexible racer that has a beautiful foot-shaped design. There is plenty of room in this shoe, but the upper design allows it to be cinched down for my narrow-footed friends. The TerraFlex also has a zero drop platform, which every shoe should have. However, if your foot is especially narrow consider ordering the women’s TerraFlex.

xero terraflex

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Women’s Sizing Chart:

The shoe is quite light despite appearances, wide, and has a bit more thickness on the sole, whilst still retaining flexibility. It makes for an exceptional shoe for daily errands, rugged activities, or for transitioning into barefoot shoes. Xero shoes seemed to have changed their sizing multiple times since I find it very difficult to know which size to order. Their site provides no sizing guideline or template which is problematic since I find that each shoe runs differently.

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You won’t find a premium knit, lightweight, sock-like material like you see in the new super shoes like the Nike Vaporflys. With the show in hand, you’ll notice it’s built like a bomb and protects your feet from all angles. And that’s why I’ve decided to take it on the 500-mile Colorado Trail this year. In terms of durability, the uppers look fairly durable, so the main area of concern is whether the uppers will still attached the lowers. I’d really like to find a pair of light shoes that is well put together. By the way, just noticed that they’ve opened a US site. They’re not offering the trail shoe right now, but it’s new so I imagine they’ll be stocking it at some point.

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Also in terms of durability, I walked until they gave in when the sole peeled away from the top of the shoe. Overall happy with the distance for the price and in terms of “stylish”, thought they looked pretty neat .

  • An eco-friendly road running shoe made with sustainable materials.
  • The TerraFlex is highly water-resistant, and it includes reflective and adjustable heel and instep straps that allow you to create the perfect snugness for your foot .
  • Glued them back on with Shoe Goo, but it shouldn’t happen at all.
  • These straps are then looped into the lacing system, meaning any tightening of the laces directly affects the sole and the heel.
  • Having flex like this gives your feet the freedom to move in their natural and full range of motion as you run.

I tried 2 other shoes from Xero in the same order as the Terraflex 2 . The other shoes were sized men’s EU 41.5 and US 8 and fit perfectly well, however, the Terraflex model fit me in a Size US 9, EU 42. One other thing to note is that the sizing for EU shoes is different for Xero. In most shoes I’ve come across, a men’s US8 converts to an EU 42, whereas with Xero it converts to an EU 41.


There’s not much heel or ankle support in the xero terraflex but it’s a minimal shoe so I wouldn’t expect it. The toe-box allows my feet to splay, the mid-foot is also quite generous, and the shoe is suited for a foot with an average to slightly larger width and volume.

This is my third different brand of hiking shoes-and they are my favorites. The rugged 6.5mm FeelTrue® sole, including 4mm lugs for confident traction, provides the perfect combination of protection and ground feel for any off-road activity. The embedded 3mm layer of TrailFoam™ provides added comfort and protection and the toe bumper helps guard against unexpected bumps you encounter along your way. If you are in https://xero-accounting.net/ the market for a good pair of minimalist trail shoes, take a look at these TerraFlex by XERO Shoes. They are a great pair of trail shoes that will hopefully work for you as well as they do for me. I believe they offer a 5000 mile warranty on the soles so you should reach out to them and see what they can do. That said, 750 miles from a minimalist $100 trail runner is impressive, regardless of the manufacturer.


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